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Baseball Hitting Drill: How to Hit an Outside Pitch



There are several steps involved in hitting a pitch on the outside corner of the plate. For this drill you should set a tee up on the outside corner of the plate, with the ball set up deep in the zone (back, outside corner of the plate).

1 - by setting the ball up on the back outside corner, you simulate step 1, which is letting the ball travel deep in the zone.

2 - Do not try to pull an outside pitch. Outside pitches should be hit to opposite field.

3 - Do not try to pivot on an outside pitch. Pivoting, or turning the back leg/hips too much will cause you to pull the ball. The back knee should pivot about half way, pointing to the direction (opposite field) that you want to hit the ball.

After swinging your body (knee, upper torso) should be square to the opposite field, which is the direction that you're hitting the ball.


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